Sunday, September 10, 2006


I recently returned from a three-week trip to Paris where I spent my time in a mini-internship learning to make my beloved Algerian pastries. It was a short stint, but enough to clarify my desires, bringing the desire to bake in line with the desire to write, neither of which I have been particularly committed to in the last year. Yes, I've finished an article about my pastries soon to be published in a major food journal, but I haven't been writing or reading and I can feel it here as in every other attempt to sit and create at a keyboard for the last oh, 6-8 months. Words do not come as easily, creativity seems to have waned, even in nonfiction writing. Yes, I have been a lazy lump...there is not much else to say about it.

Now, however, after my petit sejour in Paris, a have a renewed sense of getting things done despite being anchored in this city for the next year. Mine is a future of written words and baked delices if I could just stopped getting sidetracked by the occasional Yahoo game. UGH!

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