Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What's up with your hair?

So, I live in a Polish/Ukrainian neighborhood and while what I'm about to write will sound a bit ignorant, I'm going to go for broke anyway.

Practically every single woman in the 'hood (and it really is the 'hood) has this crazy atonal dye job.  It's really amazing, you see every thing from yellow-orange (literally), orange (literally), red (literally), red-orange (literally), a strange purple color, to maroon (literally), and finally black.  I mean really, you could put your crayon up to their heads and it would match.  And I say atonal, because the colors simply do not, could not, would not ever match their skin tones.  It seems to be de rigeur in the community.  But see, this is not a recent phenomenon.  I remember having this conversation with a Polish friend of mine at least 10 years ago here in the city and she told me "Yes, my people are racist against Blacks, always talking about their crazy hair and tacky, flashy clothing, but what they don't realize is that they have more in common with that than they'd ever be willing to admit."  

It seems my old friend Iwona is still right after all these years...

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