Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I'm waiting for my date to arrive.  Sounds weird after so long.

But really, I got ready for this, nothing special, but I realize just how much work this shit takes.
Showering, I mean really showering, not one of those in and out kind of things.  You just can't be crusty when you're dating.  And it's not even like I ever really am crusty, but you have to take extra care.

You can't have crazy toenails or rough feet.  You have to clean behind your ears, floss, handle all of those cracks and crevices, all of that. Again, not that I don't normally, but it matters when you're interacting with others and not just someone you want to, well, you know...

Anyway, it's crazy.  I forgot after all of these years being unfulfilled/with one person that it's exciting and takes work.

More importantly, I am learning that there are normal people out there.  That is to say, sociopaths are not the norm.  

But now, I have to run, because I forgot to floss...


Kiandra said...


this is soo funny! can you imagine...i've been married for almost 9 yrs!!! (10 yrs together)

i do know what you mean, on some of those *special nights (we have kids so they are few and far between) you gotta go through the extra-special showering routine. like you said not that i don't do it on a regular know what i mean.

this is so funny...its 2:42 am...and i'm cracking up!

thanks for the laugh...and the reminder of what it used to really be like during that first year we were dating...

i hope you had a good date...and stay away from those sociopaths...i had a *few in my past...and they ain't cool!

mmmm...that's delicious said...

Isn't life like that when you think about it, the littlest things crack you up.

Seriously though, I am stepping up that whole primp and prep game, it's something that I never pay tons of attention to. But isn't every meeting almost like a first impression when you're dating? :)


And by the way, not to worry, I've had my fill of sociopaths!!