Friday, January 02, 2009

The World Is Mine In 2009...

Yesterday a local disc jockey declared that each time he played a new song and urged each caller on the line to repeat it each time he happened to be on the phone.

I say amen to that bruva!  

2008 was a bitch.  It really never let up, at least not for me.  I learned a lot and noticed after all that I made a lot fewer mistakes than I have in the past although there was something of a doozy along the way.  But otherwise, I can hold my head up.  Once again no's the third year running that I can say that.  Last year I lived to my own beat and wasn't ashamed or confused at the end of it all.  I moved on through.

There was the brush with (and adjustment to) poverty, readjusting to the majority and the work-a-day world (part-time at least), the Tempest Ikechukwu, and realizing my own power and ability to stand up for myself.  

I learned that the strength and power of art is mine if I care to harness it.  I was captivated unlike never before, by the possibility of Black Love and reminded how sweet it can be and how much it can sting, courtesy of a man with smooth dark skin the color of molasses and a voice so deep that, oooh, let me stop....  

Anyway, I have plans for 2009.  The world is mine, well, always, but in 2009, I'm going to get back to living like I mean it.

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