Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Haiku (almost)

Tonight, an orange moon


"Come here. Look." He would say.


LB said...

You seem very deep. I have a blog I just started a couple days ago. I'm not deep. I'm kraft. Come check me out. I'm not selling hydrocodone or Cialis.

Richard said...

Why do the privies don't have potable water?
Why do the waterfalls don't pour corn starch pots?
Why isn't there paper in my mother's toilet?

Why doesn't your Big Orange Moon say me "Hi!" when I look at it?


Thats enough, too many poetry for a single day.

Eunice said...

oh dear sweet haiku.


mmmm...that's delicious said...


it's a blessing and a curse. i'm not sure what "kraft" means, please enlighten.

thanks for not hawking any prescription drugs here, either. :)

mmmm...that's delicious said...

R & E,

Are you two making fun of me? :o

I didn't do the haiku thing on purpose, it just came out...i think it's nice you two stinkies!! :)

mmmm...that's delicious said...

"stinkies" don't ask me where i got that...

entertain us said...

Check it out

With compliments

Hoey said...

Great work!!!! Here's one of my own! I worked on it beginning at suntown on this night!

I call it "The Blagg, v 1.0"

// Carney said "Do it." //
// My mouse brought me to your site //
// "You've just been Blagged!", gal //

I am hoping you like my poetry!! We will be visitors of the blog!

loper said...

nice blog :)

Eunice said...

what the hell is a "corking blog?"

anyway, on to my comment. since it's all about me, you know. I wasn't jacking w/ ya. I was actually doing the haiku thing the other day, so I read up on it. I am no expert, but am now well versed (pun intended).

technically, this isn't one, since it doesn't follow 5/7/5, but who cares? I like it. :)

mmmm...that's delicious said...

yes, eunice, i was baffled myself.

anyway, i don't the rules for haiku bend a little when it is written in a language other than japanese? i know the 575 rule is important, but stricter i though in japanese...who knows...i think you may be right, though...i want to read yours now, we should have haiku week!!

Eunice said...

You're right, and since I don't speak japanese...

Seriously, my haiku was lame. I was at work, and I was bored, so I wrote one about plastic bags. I am a big dork.